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Felizz is the #1 engagement platform to measure and improve employee sentiment

How will my employees be happier?

Felizz is the # 1 employee engagement platform that gives managers online tools to measure and improve employee sentiment.

Happiness Index

We invite employees every day to explain how they are feeling, the reason and if is it related to the company, all in a single touch. See more

Anonymous or identified rating

The surveys of employee sentiment can be identified or completely anonymous, guaranteeing real information for a reliable management of the whole team. See more

Send and receive happiness

We help managers and employees acknowledge their peers often, eliminating the feeling of too much workload and little recognition. See more

Daily 360º collective feedback

Our tool selects randomly employees everyday so that the whole team gives feedback through our app, generating recognition and opportunity for improvement. See more

Pillars of knowledge

Test your team daily with small questions to evaluate your team’s knowledge. With space for text, videos and multiple answers. See more


Every interaction of the employee with our product generates points, more the engagement, higher the score. The employees are ranked from the most to least engaged. See more

Small surveys, great results

Forget the annual employee experience surveys with many questions that discourage filling in. Use weekly surveys and have higher adherence from everyone. See more

Fast communication among everyone

New employees, colleagues off, birthdays, promotions, motivational videos and instructions for your team. All very simple and fast. See more

Functional evaluation

We remind managers to carry out an evaluation of their employees through a 5W2H tool and to draw up an action plan for employee’s career opportunities.
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Should I get to know Felizz better?

If you have any of the problems below, then you need to contact us.
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Lack of information about the team

Knowing how each employee feels, whether motivated or unmotivated and reasons behind.

Employyee turnover above desired level

High cost of recruiting, loss of talent to the market, and worse, perhaps to the competition.

Unmotivated employees

Identify unmotivated employees and turn around their seniment. Losing a key contributor is the worst case scenario the company may have.

Low acknowledgement

Employeess complain that they are not recognized by their managers or even by their peers.


Large employee experience survey

Annual surveys lead to short answers or non-responses from the team. And let’s be honest, to ask 1x a year how your employees feel is not enough.

Lack of teamwork

People do not work as a team and there are relationship problems between some of them, especially when there’s no encouragement from their immediate manager.


More feedbacks please

Little or non-existent feedback from the managers to their employees.


Team wants to be more motivated

The team doesn’t recieve daily motivational videos from their manager energizing and directing them towards their goals of the day. And managers “forget” to do that.

Low productivity

Without a culture of ‘happy employee, happy customer’, the result is low productivity and financial loss.

Knowledge below expectations

Few trainings available to the team and there is no evaluation of the performance in the participated trainings.

Team does not engage as it could

There are no mechanics defined by the company to encourage employees to engage and be acknowledged for it.

Missing support tools

Company does not have a software that helps in managing employee’s feelings to motivate, train, give feedback and recognize.

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Use the Free Demo for 30 days and find out how happier your company can be

Are you from HR?

Lead your company into the age of People Analytics by using our cognitive intelligence especially to identify dissatisfied employees or likely to leave the company.

Get a real-time dashboard with your company’s culture health overview. The data is displayed visually in an organized dashboard to provide all the information you need to know who is motivated or not, the reasons and how.

Impressive how it became clearer to understand our team after the implementation of Felizz. Now it shows me where I have to focus on being assertive by showing me the employees that are becoming unmotivated. With quick feedback on these people, our turnover has reduced by more than 20% and today we have a much more motivated and happy team.


Solve my problems, happy customers, innovative solution …
It must be expensive!

No it’s not, we guarantee! Losing a key contributor to the competition by not realizing that he/she is demotivated can be more expensive, a high employee turnover that adds recruitng costs, training and loss of experience can be very expensive. Our product is reasonably priced and you will be positively surprised. We promise that you can make the investment proportional to the size of your company without any sacrifice.

Convinced me, I just want to know some more information

Cool, we put the main questions that our customer has before signing with us. If you do not find your question, do not hesitate to call us, our phone nummber is at the bottom of this page or you can click on the button above and request a quote and we will send you the quote and also clarify your doubts.

How much does the employee pay to download the app?

Nada. O uso do aplicativo tanto da Apple Store como da Google Play é gratuito. Quem paga é a empresa, que paga mensalmente por cada colaborador ativo. Para maiores informações, entre em contato com nosso comercial, quanto mais colaboradores sua empresa tem, menos é o valor por colaborador.

Is it possible to import the data of all employees without having to register one by one?

Sim, temos um padrão de importação simples e fácil no formato de Excel.

My company has many employees. Felizz are able to support?

Nossa tecnologia proprietária escalável foi concebida para atender a muitos consumidores nos mesmos locais e na mesma hora. Para isso, hospedamos toda a plataforma na Amazon AWS, utilizamos tecnologia de auto-scaling. Nossos Apps Mobile são nativos, Android e iOS, garantindo a experiência fluida e melhor utilização dos recursos. Atendemos da mesma forma e velocidade se sua empresa tem 50, 500, 5.000 ou 50.000 colaboradores.

Does the labor law allow us to install a corporate app on the employee's cell phone?

Felizz é um aplicativo pessoal e corporativo. Tanto serve para sua empresa se comunicar com seu colaborador, ouvir suas ideias, o engajar verdadeiramente como também o ajuda a se desenvolver através do ‘Diário de Bordo’, uma área de planejamento e reflexão pessoal. Então não é um app apenas corporativo.

Também vale uma outra reflexão: sua empresa se comunica com os colaboradores através de whats app? Então seu colaborador já usa um app para se comunicar com sua empresa… Pelo menos no nosso aplicativo conseguimos restringir o uso apenas no horário de trabalho.

If I want to customize something in Felizz, is it possible?

Sim, é possivel. Nossa equipe de análise irá fazer um orçamento e se aprovado, desenvolvemos customização, que passará a incorporar ao produto.

My company has several units and in several countries. Can Felizz serve me?

Com certeza, nosso aplicativo e gerencial foi desenvolvido para atender várias unidades e em vários Paises, em qualquer lingua.

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Use the Free Demo for 30 days and find out how happier your company can be

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