Daily 360º collective feedback

Does your employee ask for feedback? Now he will receive feedback from the whole company at least once every year.

Feedback 360º coletivo diário

O seu colaborador pede feedback? Agora ele terá de toda a empresa pelo menos uma vez a cada ano.


Our APP selects employee
Our application randomly selects one or more employees each day for everyone in the company to give their feedback to that employee.


Team votes
Each employee evaluates their colleagues via the application giving him / her a rating from 1 to 10 in various aspects such as knowledge, ability, attitude and teamwork.


Employee receives feedback
At the end of the day all anonymous or identified feedback is sent to the employee to see where they can improve or get even better.


Result: People + informed
We give the opportunity for employees to have the real impression of how their colleagues see them, then they can improve in highlighted areas.

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Impressive how it became clearer to understand our team after the implementation of Felizz. Now it shows me where I have to focus on being assertive by showing me the employees that are becoming unmotivated. With quick feedback on these people, our turnover has reduced by more than 20% and today we have a much more motivated and happy team.


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