Happiness Index

There is only one way to know how the employee is feeling:
Asking him.


Employee receives a reminder
If the employee didn’t respond to how he is feeling during the day, our application sends notification to remind him to respond through voting.


Employee votes
Our software registers the vote and communicates it to the HR department in case of any dissatisfaction or lack of motivation.


HR keeps in touch with the team
HR sends a message to the employee making themselves available to talk and resolve the dissatisfaction.


Result: People + motivated
Reversing a dissatisfaction very quickly, creates a better working environment.

Impressive how it became clearer to understand our team after the implementation of Felizz. Now it shows me where I have to focus on being assertive by showing me the employees that are becoming unmotivated. With quick feedback on these people, our turnover has reduced by more than 20% and today we have a much more motivated and happy team.


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