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Commitment to Anonymity

You can trust us to keep things confidential

Policy of Anonymity

Policy of Anonymity
We admire leaders and managers who are willing not only to solicit feedback from their team but are also willing to do it anonymously, as it can be very intimidating to receive a flood of anonymous suggestions. To protect your anonymity, we take the following measures at Felizz:
1. Answers could be or not be anonymous and as chosen by the submitter. The administrator(s) can never see who sent if the submission was anonymous.

2. The qualitative comments that elaborate the response of the users are also anonymous. The administrator(s) can never see who sent the response.

3. The administrator(s) can not see who did and who did not respond to a survey when sent anonymously. They can only see aggregate user response, for example: 47 of 62 responded to a survey.
4. The suggestions sent through Felizz could be or not be anonymous as chosen by the submitter. And if sent anonymously, the administrator (s) will not know who sent it.

5. In a survey, we do not reveal results until at least five responses were collected. If an organization has less than 5 users, we will only show results when everyone has responded.

• If an organization has less than five users, we have provided an informational alert so that respondents know that it is more difficult to protect anonymity with smaller teams.
7. If an organization uses our targeting feature, we do not show the results categorized into areas until at least five responses have been collected for each area. If there are less than five responses for an area, then we will show the results without categorization.

8. The administrator (s) are able to answer to a private messages from an employee, having the option but not the obligation to respond. To remain anonymous, notifications are delayed in time and their identity is never revealed.

9. If you send a message anonymously and receive a response from the administrator or colleague, being anonymous, we guarantee that the administrator does not know to whom he is responding.
10. We are behind our commitment to anonymity and prefer to sacrifice a customer than violate anonymity. At the same time, Felizz is not a place for death threats, bomb threats, terrorist threats, harassment or any other criminal or abusive comments. We do not tolerate haters, people who use anonymity to instill hatred. The purpose of anonymity is to have the freedom to express yourself without the fear of being outcasted or undergo repression by the company’s administrators, but in a professional manner, without swearing, profanity or any insult. If the response to your survey, Sending Happiness or Virtual Suggestion falls within any of these categories, we will review the comments on a case-by-case basis and may disclose the commentator’s identity and / or remove them from the active participation in Felizz.

Discuss ideas, expose your point of view, always with the intention of improving the company that you work for without any fear, this is the idea of anonymity that we defend.

We take our anonymity very seriously and implement suggestions from employers and employees to enhance our current approach. If you have questions, comments or suggestions about how Felizz protects your anonymity, contact us directly at [email protected]