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Felizz makes software solutions for companies that value their most important asset:

Our mission

Generate happiness in people. Happier people produce more and better, reducing employee turnover, re-hiring and training costs.

Our vision

By 2020 we want to be at least among the 10% of the best companies to work for in Brazil, helping our customers to be recognized as companies of happy people.

What we do

We make employee engagement and happiness software that gives managers online tools to measure and improve the company culture.

Why was Felizz created?

Felizz was born out of a need of entrepreneur Gustavo Marques Dias to manage his team of almost 100 people as if they were 5.

The more the company grows, the manager loses close contact with the team and ends up losing the feeling for who are more and less motivated, became more difficult listening to the team and the same for giving feedback. Many talents end up getting lost along the way. After searching the market for a tool that would meet his needs without success, Gustavo decided to create FELIZZ in the second half of 2017 to solve his problem and many other companies of all sizes that go through the same issues.

The operation began in February 2018 to make employees from anywhere in the world happier.

Gustavo is the founding director of CIGAM Gestor S / A, the branch serving fashion industry in franchises of the CIGAM group, one of the 30 best companies to work for in Brazil for more than 5 years by GPTW, with 800 employees, 44 business units and more than R $ 50 million revenue, where there is a strong culture of caring for employees with the belief of ‘happy employee, happy customer’.

This culture was adopted by Gustavo from companies that he worked for before founding CIGAM Gestor, such as McDonald’s, Ambev and Boticário and improved it in CIGAM serving large customers such as Arezzo, Carmen Steffens, Ermenegildo Zegna, Lacoste, L’Oreal, Malwee, Natura, Morena Rosa, Schutz, The Body Shop, among others.

We are innovative

We were born ‘yesterday’, we are a startup, but we already have the responsibility of adults

Innovating is creating simple solutions to solve everyday problems.
We are looking for partner companies that want to make a difference, also believe in innovation as a competitive differential for growth and sustainability, associated to a better environment to work and develop a team, so we will all be happier as people and professionals.

Our values

At the heart of FELIZZ’s mission are the values of our company:

We live and breathe for those values. They guide every important decision we make and they create a culture that makes our customers and our colleagues happy.

Clients make us happier

Always positive

Drive solutions and embrace change

Communication with transparency

Work with passion

Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you.